I’ve been stumbling on good hearts turned to stone
The road of good intentions has gone dry as a bone


Michael Fassbender @ the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards (Jan 12, 2014)

"I would not trust Thranduil, the great king, to honor his word should the end of all days be upon us!" (X)

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We need to stop promoting the idea that fat people are only beautiful if they dress hyper-feminine.

Yes, fat babes wearing 50s-style dresses and red lipstick are gorgeous, but so are fat babes who like to wear baggy tshirts and no makeup.

Only talking about the beauty of fat people who spend a great deal of time styling themselves promotes the idea that somehow fat people are not as beautiful as everyone else and need to try harder.


Yes, that’s it exactly…

He’s too cute!


Possibly the stupidest thing I’ve drawn. Possibly.

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